by Victor Wynne

Quattle is a modern, responsive and customizable theme for the static site generator Jekyll. It includes a number of features that are useful to writers and software developers.


You’re looking at it right now. 🤓


GitHub or RubyGems


Fully responsive with an emphasis on mobile friendly design, typography and interaction

HTML, SASS, XML, supporting assets and config files for integration with Jekyll

Starlight, a Rouge and Pygments compatible SCSS syntax highlighter for code blocks

Manifest.json to function as a PWA

$variables based colors

CSS media feature prefers-color-scheme to detect if the visitor’s device has requested a light or dark mode

HTML/CSS compression (minification)

RSS 2.0 syndicated feed

GDPR valid and compliant cookie consent banner

404, index, site map, archive, category, tag, about, style and privacy pages

Archive displays a tag cloud and number of posts per month, year, category, tag

Excerpt, pagination and per-post navigation to older/newer entries

Smart quotes across all content with the { | smartify } liquid filter

Rich preview links when shared via iMessage and social media services

A wide variety of HTML elements commonly used in Markdown writing are styled (mark, source references, blockquotes, headers, tables, boxes/buttons, figure captions, inline code, code blocks, tweets, footnotes)

Additional supported and styled front matter:

  • Author attribution
  • Last modified date
  • Linked list style posts that have an external source reference


Quattle is free software distributed under a MIT license.